It’s a great time for a new suit

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Did you know that January is considered one of the best times of the year to buy a suit? It is. According to Who What Wear, since January is considered a slow month for suit sales, retailers often lower prices to boost business.

Given it’s the last Friday of January, that means it’s a great time to shop the sales for a new suit.

High on the places you should start looking? Ann Taylor, where they are offering 50% off your entire purchase, in store and they have a great selection of marked down suiting separates online which are and extra 50% off as well. Most major department stores (think Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s) have some good finds (plus an extra percentage off this weekend) if you’re willing to spend the time digging through their sites.

My find of the day: a stretch silk shirt from Brooks Brothers.

Stretch Silk Blouse - Brooks Brothers

Um, hello? Did someone say stretch silk?! A silk blouse that won’t look like a train wreck after the first ten minutes?! I find Brooks Brothers to offer excellent quality, but often a cut that doesn’t work well for me, so I don’t often shop them. But I occasionally stumble on great (and more affordable) finds in their sale section¬†and it’s worth checking out what’s lurking in there every now and then.


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